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    Bi-Xenon Philips Motorcycle HID Kit


    This is our top of the line Bi-xenon Philips kit. Full low beam and high beam effect. Note: The ballast are regular size, and are not slim, however it uses advanced Philips ballasts with CanBus Technology. If you are tight on space, we recommend our other Slim Bi-xenon Setup. This kit is recommended only for motorcycles with sufficient space for the larger ballast.

    Advantages included:

    • 2 Year Warranty directly through us.
    • Top quality components from Germany
    • Low Beam Function
    • High Beam Scattered light function
    • No Relays needed, plug and play to your factory H4/9003 connector

    What's included?

    • 2 x Philips H4/9003 bulbs with Metal Seats
    • 2 x Philips Canbus Ballast
    • 2 x High/Low controllers with plug and play connector

    What is the difference between this kit and our Bi-xenon Slim kit?

    A: This kit will do low beam and high beam effect both in HID. Our other kits will only do low beam in HID. The high beam effect is achieved by the movement of a selinoid inside the bulb. When you click into high beams, a voltage signal is sent to the bulbs motor inside that sucks the bulb in. This creates a scattered effect on the road like high beams.

    Further, this kit uses a more advanced, yet larger, Philips ballast which will usually last 10 years of use. We offer 2 year warranty on this kit.


    How large are the ballasts?

    A: They measure: 9cm x 2.5cm x 7cm


    This kit can only work on motorcycle models with H4/9003 type bulbs. These bulbs normally have dual filaments inside. The bi-xenon effect is created by moving the light bulb mechanically.

    Some motorcycle models may have limited space inside the headlight or already built in reflector shieds. If this is the case, you must remove the metal cap from the bulbs before installation. Please see picture.

    • Model: Bi-Xenon

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