8 Tube Million Color LED Neon Motorcycle Lights Kit

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Most Advanced Kit on  the market with 2 remotes: Shipped from USA Best LED Kit on the Market!

2 x Wireless Remote Controls! 8 x 6 Inches LED Flexible Tubes! (96 LEDs Total) Multi Colors - Million Color Fading Function *You can select only limited solid colors Many Patterns Sound Activated Setting Color Changing Functions and Strobing all possible with remote Includes instructions here (PDF Reader Required) We know there are many options of LED kits on the market. Why choose this one? For starters this kit includes 8 flexible LED tubes - This means less chance of damage to your tubes. They are also water resistant & Shock Resistant, so spraying your bike down is OK, just don't go swimming with the Tubes.


Instructions: Please note this product can be used in your motorcycle, car, boat or even your home. All you need to know is it needs 12V Power. 12V power is very easy to connect with 2 wires. You can connect directly to your battery or any accessory. Sorry we cannot offer installation support as there are millions of possibilities.

Please read the instructions here before purchase!

  • Model: 8-LED-KIT

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