LCD Motorcycle Pager Remote Start Alarm

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The most advanced motorcycle alarm system on the market! Using FM technology! Designed to work on most motorcycles. On Special! Normally $199.99 

Two way range over 5000 meters - Super long range monitoring Manual and Timer Controlled Remote Engine Starter

2 Way motorcycle alarm with remote engine start! Includes unique proximity sensor not found anywhere else!

  • Advanced remote engine starter
    • remote engine starter / cut off

    2-Way Remote Control (2)
    • 2-way long range FM transmission
    • Four button with LCD display
    • Status info display
    • real time clock
    • real time moto / alarm status
    • LCD backlight
    • visual, audio and vibration alert
    • Function confirmation
    • 1 AAA alkaline battery (included)

  • Proximity Sensor - Also known as microwave sensor. Can be adjusted for people touching the bike!




Multi function 2 way alarm w/engine starter kit
• ultra-long FSK communication range
• two way range over 5000m
• remote query functions
• visual, audio and vibration alert remote control
• arm / disarm bike finding
• Frequency : 2.5GHz +/- 1GHz
• Detection Range Sensitivity MAX : Width 2100mm, Length 1200mm
• Built-in 2-way pager
• Powerful 120dB Piezo 5-tone programmable siren
• Learning code Brain sensor
• 100% waterproof
• Sound & LED warning light
• Anti-Hijacking Function
• Remote Start Engine
• Car-finding by Sound & Light
• Surpassing Warning
• Remote cut off Engine
• Arm Reminding & Help Calling
• Lerning Code & Deleting Code
• Back-Ground Light
• Power Off Memory
• Input Voltage : 9-15V

Instructions Manual

We are an authorized dealer of this quality SPY alarm system. Watch the alarm in action below:


  • Model: LM209

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