150 Watt Police Siren Multi Function Module


150 Watt Police Siren

No Speaker

for 2010 This siren has a handset controller for easy reach. The handset is also a microphone and illuminates for night use. The siren has a digital microcomputer chip. Siren tones: Ambulance, Fire, Police, Clear the Way, Phaser, Wail, Yelp, Horn. Includes: Hardware for installation, Harness, extension for handset (9 feet), handset to extension wire (2 feet), Speaker and siren bracket incl. Dimenions: siren box 7"x5"x2", handset 4"x1"x2". Technical info: Output 150 DC - 150 W, Power supply DC 12V, Output for light: 12V DC 10 Amp, Continuous work time 4 hours, Load impact 150 DC-8 Ohm.

This siren has the capability of working with one or two speakers.

  • Model: 150W Police Siren Multi Module

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