100W Hide A Way Strobe Kit 86603H Strobe Lights


100 W Hide away Strobe Kit - 2 strobe bulbs and control box, 8 functions, white light.

The Type-R 2 bulb strobe kit functions on a 12 volt power supply with a fan for eliminating heat. It has a controller for speed, frequency P/F and the number of flashes. 8 Function strobe light

  1. Simultaneous single strobe slower
  2. Simultaneous single strobe faster
  3. Simultaneous 3 continuous strobe slower
  4. Simultaneous 3 continuous strobe faster
  5. Alternate single strobe slower
  6. Alternate single strobe faster
  7. Alternate 3 continuous strobe slower
  8. Alternate 3 continuous strobe faster

Comes with 10 foot cord. Variable adjustable flash rate. It has 100 WATT strobe on each side. Brighter than all strobes sold in the market. Installation: Drill a 1 inch hole and plug in, connect to a 12v power supply.

  • Model: 100W Hide A Way Strobe Kit

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