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    Digital Dual HID Kit Slim Ballasts


    Motorcycle Digital HID Kit

    This is our most popular kit because it takes up less room than our standard kit and uses digital technology. We recommend this kit for most motorcycle & ATV installations. Our slim ballasts are #1 in the world and for that reason we give them a solid 1 year warranty. Using the latest German technology!

    Why Digital Ballast?

    An intelligent lighting system that provides increased energy savings, easier maintenance, prolonged life and technology superior to analog designed kits on the market.

    Slim ballast will make a nightmare install into a breeze! If you have a motorcycle, quad or even compact vehicle, this is a must have! The slim ballasts are manufactured by the latest technology and are the highest quality you can buy on the market. The ballast is durable, waterproof and vibration resistant.

    Slim Digital Ballasts measure: 3in x 2.5in x 0.5in!

    • 2 Xenon direct replacement bulbs
    • 2 Super Slim Digital Ballasts (measures 7cm x 6cm x 1.4cm)
    • Wiring, connectors and screws
    • Manual along with online video instructions
    • E-MARK and ISO9001 Approved
    • Power consumption: 35 Watts
    • Light output in lumens: 3200
    • 3000 hours of operation
    • Input voltage: 9V-16V
    • Working current (Steady state): 3.5 A nom
    • Lamp frequency: 450 Hz
    Notice the difference in ballast size with our standard kit
    Digital HID Kit Slim Ballasts

    Available in colors: 4300K, 6000K(Diamond White), 8000K,10000K, 12000K , 30000K (Purple)

    6000K = Most popular = Snow white light

    Will this fit my motorcycle/ATV?

    No worries, specify your motorcycle below and we send the kit that fits your headlight bulbs. Our staff looks your bulb sizes up and send the appropiate configuration.

    Wait, my motorcycle has 1 bulb for low beam and 1 bulb for high beam, what do I get?

    You will receive 1 bulb for your low beam and 1 bulb for your high beam if your bike/atv only uses 1 bulb for each. If your bike or atv uses 2 bulbs for low beam and 2 bulbs for high beam, you will get only the low beam bulbs.

    Are your kits plug and play?

    Yes, for motorcycles they are plug and play. For ATV which use H6m type bulbs, you will require wiring the ballast to your factory headlight wire. This is very simple and just 2 wire hookup per bulb. Reason, H6m replacement plugs are not possible, so they must be wired.

    What is the warranty and return policy?

    We have a 1 year warranty on all parts. We also give you a 30 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose, but see better!

    Why shop with us?

    We are the leader in motorcycle HID lighting products. All products are rigorously tested and installed on various motorcycles before they are allowed to sell on our website. We sell the brightest, most reliable HID conversion kits on the market with 1 year warranty. Shop with confidence, we have HID specialist standing by who can help answer your questions. Please visit our video instructions page to view how simple it really is.

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