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    CBR 929/954 Projector + CCFL + HID Kit High Beam


    Note: For high beams

    Projector HID CCFL Halo eyes feature:
    Dual hi/low beams in each projector
    CCFL technology. (cold cathod fluorescent tubing) around each projector globe
    2 color of CCFL to choose from: blue or white

    Fitment: CBR929 2001-2002  and CBR954 2002-2003

    Urgent!: Requires headlight modifications and removal. This installation is more indepth than a basic HID kit installation. If you want simple easy to install kit on your bike, buy our digital HID kit. If you want the Halo and projector benefits this is for you.

    HID Color options included: 8000k (default), 6000K, 10000K or 12000K hid lighting color inside of each projector
    (currently we do not carry any other temperatures of bulbs for this kit)
    2 slim ballasts

    Stunning and unique look with projector hid and ccfl halo eyes
    A toggle switch that can be mounted almost anywhere so that ccfl halo can be turned on or off with a flip of the switch, even if the bike is turned off.
    1 year manufacturer limited warranty

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